Adlarde W Lapointe

April 4, 1929 - April 1, 1987 Tewksbury, Massachusetts

My Dad, worked hard to raise His family OF 4, rip

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Sep 15, 2015

About my Dad, he came from a deprived life, the depression was on his dad passed a way very young he and his sister Lina went to a orphanage until times got better he had a stepfather that was very ,mean to him,,beaten all the time life was not good for him. He got odd jobs and at that time it was not time for jobs . My mom came in to his life she and hie sister worked very hard. And as time went on life got easier, not great but he made sure his 4 babys were taken cared of, We went from Greenfield to Boston then Tewksbury, Where he lived and died.