Core Beliefs

Every life is meaningful and has a story, and there should be an easy way to share it with others.

Memorials don’t have to be sad or overly formal – they can feel very alive.

The meaningful things in life and how we talk about them doesn’t change much over time; as such, a person’s Memorial page from 1915 could look very similar to one from 2015.

A good Memorial site will provide ways for family and friends to continue to celebrate the person’s life after the Memorial is created.


What is a Memorial Page?

A Memorial Page is a personal webpage dedicated to the life and memory of a loved one or ancestor. You can use the Page to tell the person’s story through photos, letters, personal stories, and more.

Who will see my Memorial Page(s)?

Your Page will be available on the public web for anyone to browse. You may edit, remove content from, or delete the Page at any time.

Can I make a Memorial Page for anyone?

For now, we ask that you only create Pages for family members or ancestors.

Can people submit pictures on the Memorial Page?

Yes. Ask people to post a photo in the Tribute box and leave a comment or story with it.

Who can leave a memory or tribute?

Anyone may write a tribute or share a memory on your Page, but you can hide any you don’t want to be viewed publicly.

What other features will you be adding?

The ability to transfer ownership of a Page to another person

E-mail notifications when someone posts a new tribute

More advanced ways to share a person’s interests and favorite places/things