Heather Nicole Maples

August 23, 1992 - August 7, 2015 Royse City, Texas

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Jul 28, 2022

Heather Maples and Brandon Bowling sexy

Jan 22, 2021
Heather Nikki Naples

Too bad Heather didn't hit the books instead of the bars picking up random men even sending explicit pics. of herself so promiscuous with her $elling her sexual favors to even older men with her XXX SELFIES who gave Heather $$ & gifts who spoke daily with her. Maybe if Heather went to "college" to learn not to be an escort then she would still BE ALIVE. Not any different than any street walker so she made herself a target with her being a prostitute to so many men. Live by the Sword, Die by Sword. Doesn't mean her last One Night Stand her killer is off the hook he's sentenced to 40 years in prison. Heather she caused her own death by inviting so many men she had sex with not thinking of how self destructive her lifestyle drugging/drinking was until she took her last breath. Hope her mother can get over her daughter's death because it's not her fault even if Heather didn't have a father figure because a parent only do so much. Heather should've just not been so trusting so naive about the hidden dangers of having all of these sexcapades with so many men, so lit'l time! Which boyfriend? All Johns of Heather's so a lesson learned the hard way. "A note from Maples' Knoxville boyfriend was found on her mattress, and detectives learned one of the text messages she received in the hours leading up to the murder came from him.

Another text message came from an older man, who provided her with money and gifts and spoke with her weekly if not daily, the warrant states. The victim also had sent the man explicit photos of herself, the report shows." That's what every parent's nightmare is to have a slutty daughter!