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Ira Vinson "Jack" Birdwhistell

Grandad's Welcome


Ed: Jack wrote lots of various lists about random things, but this was one of the most interesting we came across.  It's a simple list of how he imagined his father's activities in Heaven going re: welcoming others and being greeted. 


            Our father was one of the most 'welcoming' people I've ever known. He was why many folks shopped at the Model Market. Here are a couple of lists:


Folks Who Met Dad 'On the Other Side'

Lindsey Birdwhistell

His mother and father [Nellie and Cleveland]

Lewis Birdwhistell, his brother, and other assorted Birdwhistells

  1. B. Montgomery

Roy Robinson

Arthur Lee McKee

Mrs. Corinna Forgy

Gene Stratton

Bryan Gritton

Nellie Gash

Jimmie Goff

Bro. M. D. Morton

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Moffett

Minnie Gibbs

'Hick' Cammack; Oscar Cammack

Harold Hanks


Folks Dad Enjoyed Greeting 'On the Other Side'

Louise Headen

Belva Moffett

Ted Williams

Cawood Ledford

Lois Robinson

Rose Penny

Gary Stevens

Paul and Ruby Young


Don Cawthorne

'Kitty' Montgomery

Lewis Stratton

Mattie Stratton

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