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Ira Vinson "Jack" Birdwhistell

My "Baptist Life"

Ed: This is a self-written history as his life as a Baptist


Dr. Ira (Jack) Birdwhistell


Born and raised in Sand Spring Baptist Church, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

            Baptized October, 1956

            Active part of youth program, 1958-1964

            'Call' to ministry, September, 1964, at KY BSU Convention, Lexington, KY


Youth minister, Sand Spring Baptist Church, 1966-1970

M.Div. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, May, 1971

Pastor, Canmer Baptist Church, Canmer, KY, 1970-1973

Ordained to Ministry, Sand Spring Baptist Church, May, 1970

Instructor, Southern Baptist Seminary, 1974-1975

Interim pastor, Irvington Baptist Church, Irvington, KY, 1975-1976

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Drakesboro, KY, 1976-1980

Campus Minister, Georgetown College, 1980-1997 (KBC/College hire)


            Interim Pastor, First Baptist, Paris, KY, 1983


            Interim Pastor, First Baptist, Frankfort, KY, 1995


            Interim Pastor, Ewing Baptist Church, Ewing, KY, 2000


            Interim Pastor, Carlisle Baptist Church, Carlisle, KY, 2001


Member, Faith Baptist Church, Georgetown, KY--occasional Sunday School teacher and one-term Deacon

Writer of lessons for the Sunday School Board, Southern Baptist Convention, in the 1970s and 1980s, author of histories of two prominent Kentucky Baptist Associations (Long Run Association and Elkhorn Association) and two prominent Kentucky Baptist Churches (Severns Valley Baptist Church, Elizabethtown, and First Baptist Church, Murray). Author of On Mission Together (1987) a 150th anniversary history of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. Smaller works on: Bracken Association; Sand Spring Baptist Church; Eliza Broadus; Great Crossing Baptist Church; First Baptist, Drakesboro;and several articles for Baptist historical publications

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