Patrick Marcum

January 14, 1966 - June 6, 2015 Pikeville, Kentucky



- John B Marcum
- Carol Sue Bryant Marcum


- Tammy Waller
- John B Marcum Jr
- Emory Lee Marcum
- Daphne Carol McNeely
- Clayton Derek Marcum


- Matthew Hall

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Jan 16, 2016
Anita Evans
My purse lol

Well our family's goes back to our grandparents being best of friends then our parents and now us kids Pat and his cousin Jamie used to chase me at dingess grade school ,I would get so mad one day right to the creek so I filled my little suede purse up with rocks and boy when they thought they had me I let them have it both of them,poor guys I know it hurt now so all throughout our lifes Pat would say don't get your purse and always made fun of mine and Greg facebook cause we celebrate 2 anniversary married and the day we first went out he was truly a good person and always knew how to cook for me but mostly a very good friend to my first crush and dance he of course fit with Jamie that night lol second and 3rd grade me and Jamie had a good laugh and cry they day we laid you to Rest RIP always Your friend Anita

Jan 16, 2016
Angie Hitchcock
My ole buddy

I miss Pat so much. I remember working at the restaurant and pay and me would be so tired we would just laugh at everything. After closing I'd go home and me and Mary woulddecide to go out after riding around I'd see pat still hanging around the restaurant alone I'd stop and get him take him riding, he always had to go to Taco Bell, lol. He loved his tacos me and pat went riding many times. He want just my co worker or friend he was my family. I love you pat. I miss you so much. I'd give anything to work a shift and go riding a have tacos.

Jan 15, 2016
Daphne McNeely

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