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Carl Vinson Birdwhistell

1st Letter to Father-In-Law

December 27, 1944

Ed: This is the first and only letter we have of Carl writing directly to his father-in-law, Ira D. Moffett. 

Dear Daddy,

Well you asked me not to be a badly shocked at getting a letter from you.  But will say was awful thrilled to get it and really enjoyed it lots.  I knew why you didn't write and wasn't expecting any but if it wasn't for the letters I get from Bitty and the ones at home this would be a bitter pill.

I can say I feel just as good as ever, even though I don't get fat, but that is the least of my worries as long as I feel good.  Hope you are feeling O.K.  You know Bitty sent me a picture that you were in, when you were spending the 4th of July fishing with J.B. laying down on the ground.  He wouldn't have gotten that much rest if I had been there for I would have been right on top of him.  You know we have always acted just like kids and probably always will.

You know I wasn't a bit surprised when I heard Bro. Morton resigned, he has tried several times and knew he would make it one of these times.  But lets hope it is for the best like yous aid in this letter.  I am afraid it will be hard to get a good pastor right now. 

It makes me feel awful good for folks back home to ask about me, but the only reason Mrs. Loyd asks, she is afraid if something happens to me she won't have any body to fuss with (Ha).  Tell her for me.

Yes Bitty told me about the pigs, even that you had to get rid of 2 or 3 and also the reason, at least what she thought was the reason.  I got so tickled liked to popped. You should have some nice lunch out of those and know you get a lot of pleasure feeding them.  How you are through with hog killing by now.

I just hope you and Mama don't think bad of me for not writing more, for I write every night, and if I have time after I write Bitty I write someone else.  But the day isn't complete unless I write her.  She is the first and the others can always hear through her.  Gosh am so anxious to see her can hardly stand it.  Have to stop. 

Love Carl

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