Carl Vinson Birdwhistell

June 14, 1917 - March 4, 2001 Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Carl Vinson Birdwhistell was well-known among the people of Anderson County, Kentucky, primarily as the owner of Model Market and a deacon at Sand Spring Baptist Church. He and his wife Mary Lois (Moffett) lived a good many years on South Main Street and their kids and grandkids loved to come over and spend time there. Carl's family dates back to the early 1670's in Maryland and came to Kentucky around 1800 where they were primarily farmers and preachers. Carl and Mary Lois had three sons: Jack, Ben, and Mark. Carl died March 8, 2001 and his funeral at Sand Spring Baptist Church was a fitting and beautiful tribute to a great man.


June 13, 1917
Born in Mercer County
Started work at Local Kroger
December 12, 1942
Sails on USS Uruguay, arrives at Casablanca, Marocco on Christmas Eve, 1942.
February 2, 1942
Leaves Lawrenceburg for Fort Benjamin Harrison to enlist in WWII
February 8, 1942
Assigned to Army Air Corps, 1127th Quartermasters
May 9, 1942
Married to Mary Lois Moffett at York, South Carolina
January 26, 1943
Moves to Ain M'Lila, Algeria
March, 1943
Moved to Youk les Bains, an airfield near the Tunisian border; put in charge of Class I Warehouse. Promoted to Staff Sergeant on June 20
July 10, 1943
Service in Sicily and Italy during the Battle of Anzio
February 6, 1944
Promoted to Technical Sergeant
October, 1945
Stationed in Miami Beach, FL; 'mustered out' at Patterson Field, Dayton Ohio, after 44 months' service, 32 of which were overseas
March 23, 1945
Sails from Naples, arriving Waller Field, Trinidad, on June 1
March 8, 2001
Died in Anderson County


Held March 12, 2001 at Sand Spring Church in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.


Lawrenceburg Cemetery - Lawrenceburg, Kentucky



• May 9, 1942
Mary Lois "Moffett" Birdwhistell


- Nellie Phillips Birdwhistell
- Ezra Cleveland Birdwhistell


- Julian Howard Birdwhistell
- William Ezra "Buck" Birdwhistell
- Lewis McMurty Birdwhistell
- Annelle (Birdwhistell) Ledford


- Ben Moore Birdwhistell
- Mark Dudley Birdwhistell
- Ira Vinson "Jack" Birdwhistell


- Daniel Birdwhistell
- Myra Corinna Curl
- Matt Birdwhistell
- Mary Alice Birdwhistell
- Laura Birdwhistell Hagan
- Lee Birdwhistell