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Carl Vinson Birdwhistell

Quiet Times After D-Day

June 16, 1944

Ed: In one of his more talkative letters, Carl shares excitement over D-Day and how much he misses Mary Lois

Dear Mama, Daddy, and All:

I haven't forgotten you as you might think, but just don't seem to keep up with my writing, it doesn't get dark till 9 o'clock then it doesn't give me much time to write, it seems hard for me to write in the day time, just foolish idea I have am sure. 

But Bitty was saying you would like to have a picture like the one I sent her so will send it in this letter.  She said you had a soldier picture album, it will be alright to fill up space.

The news still continues to be good and that makes us all feel better, and we are all hoping and praying that this thing will soon be over. 

I'm so anxious to see Bitty at times can hardly stand it, she means everything to me and if any body would have told me I could have lived this long without seeing her, but we have so much to live for we can't give up.  The Co. had a dance to celebrate our 18 months overseas, but sure can't celebrate over a thing like that so I just sat down and wrote Bitty a long letter and if I celebrated any at all it was that way.

Mother says she has only gotten one letter from Julian, that they won't let them write, since the second front opened.  Can't understand it, for mail means so much to the ones at home they should let them write, am sure they receive mail though. 

Will have had a big laugh over Bitty buying a clock that wouldn't run, she was so thrilled with it when she bought it, and worked taking the varnish off then found out it wouldn't run.  But she seemed hopeful that she would get it fixed, hope so any.

I got a (O.M.) from Bitty today written D-day and the way she talked, she did almost as much work that day as I did, for was afraid would miss some part of the news.

Mother says Dudley Short was here in Italy somewhere, but am sure he will never be close to me so am sure will never see him. 

Well have rattled along and still haven't said anything and about out of space, so don't work too hard and keep cool.

Love to all,


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