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Carl Vinson Birdwhistell

Anxious before entering overseas deployment

November 23, 1942 • Fort Dix, New Jersey

Ed: This is the last letter Carl got to write before moving on from Ft. Dix to NYC to deploy to Africa. 

Dear All:

I suppose you think I never was going to write, but looks like I never do get caught up with my writing, but it looks like that I may be for a while now, for before you get this letter we probably will have already moved in the staging area, there we can't write.  That is what we hear sure hope it isn't for I really will miss writing for I have done quit a bit since I came in the army. 

Sure would have liked to have gotten a furlough and been home a while but it looks like we were just out of luck.  It seems that Vincent and I are rather unlucky for so many of the fellows seems to be sure that they are permanently stationed, but we weren't that lucky.  But no matter where we go they can never take our thoughts or our love for the ones back home away from us. 

Sure was tickled and thrilled that Bitty came on when she did, we had planned on being together Xmas, but it doesn't look like it now, so even though I won't be there in person to eat Xmas dinner, will be there in thought.  Sure wish Vincent and I could be lucky enough to get together maybe that would help a lot, am sure it would. 

This is a hard letter to write the things I want to say I shouldn't so had better close.

Tell everybody hello for me, chin up and lets keep hoping and praying that this thing is soon over.

Love to all


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