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Carl Vinson Birdwhistell

Hoping it's all over soon

To: Ophelia (Moore) Moffett, Ira D. Moffett, and Mary Lois "Moffett" Birdwhistell January 24, 1945 • Los Serranos, California

Ed: End of January 1945, a few months before VE Day.  Carl had obviously been hearing good news about the efforts to the north, but was discouraged and anxious to get home. 

Dear Mama, Daddy, and All:

How is everyone by now, fine I hope you probably have thought I had just quit writing but things have been discouraging over here and figured it would be better that I didn't write then on top of that mail is really slow about coming through, that doesn't help any either. 

The news really sounds good now and hope it continues to be that way and maybe we can all be home before long.  I am sure Xmas was a bad time for you with Aunt Martha in the hospital, but Bitty said she was doing fine now.  I am sure it has been a hard cold winter at home from the way the papers read and what Bitty tells me, but now that you are taking such good care of her for me I don't worry so much about her.  I really laughed when she wrote me that. 

I am so hungry to see her I'm about to die, surely we can soon be together.  I know all of you miss the Mortons and this claim(?) they really like. 



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