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Carl Vinson Birdwhistell

Encouraged by Local Bond Drive

February 27, 1944

Dear Mama & All:

Was sure glad to get your letter today and to hear you are feeling O.K..  Tell Martha that she isn't the only one left, that I am still the same size by the way I weighted the other day.   Forgot to even tell Bitty, I tipped the scales at 165 with quite a few clothes on.  Tell Georgia to take a picture, rather get some one to, you know this thing is going to be over some of these days, and it would be awful not to know my sis. 

Bitty said the bond drive went over big, makes a fellow feel awful good to know his hometown is with him.  Seems like you are having some winter at home after all, as Bitty said will help the water supply.  Just wish you had some we are having over here, having so much we can't even play Volleyball. 

You won't have to worry about me laying warm in a tent, of course my bed may be like Bitty's some time says she has so much on it that she can't turn over, but no kidding really like it better than a building.  Bitty says she is afraid she will have to have a home in a tent.  But I won't let that happen.

Love Carl

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